The Perfect Birthday Gift

Late last year I had a phone call from Adam, his wife’s birthday was the next day and he wanted to add to her gift. He had known she was a fan of my work and had been for years, so thought he would give me a call on the off chance I could rustle up a ‘gift voucher’ for a portrait session! Luckily for Adam, he caught me in between shoots with a couple of hours of downtime, and I was able to put together a voucher and send it overnight, just in time for the Birthday celebrations!

When talking with Adam, neither of us realized that Lucy, Adam’s wife was actually the winner of a Portrait giveaway I had recently offered on Facebook. I didn’t notice that their surnames were the same and it was only when I was talking with Lucy prior to the session that I realized.

It was the perfect opportunity for Lucy and Adam to make this a double session to include all the family members……….

The gift voucher Adam had purchased was for a Portrait of their Doberman Kash, Lucy had always wanted one of my signature style ‘black on black’ images created of Kash.
Kash was a stunner, incredibly handsome and photogenic!

Doberman Dog photographed against Black Background sitting facing camera

After photographing Kash at home, we then headed out to Muriwai Beach to capture some images of Adam & Lucy, their gorgeous daughter Indie, Kash and Lucy’s horse Tonka.
It was a magical summer evening; Kash raced around expelling his energy while Tonka stood patiently with Lucy, as Indie explored the black sand environment with Adam trying to wrangle her and all their belongings.

“We love them all, there are so many beautiful images, how are we going to choose! Adam wants a huge one of Kash on the wall” Lucy’s message to me when she first saw her images.

There is nothing more stunning and eye catching that a larger than life Wall Portrait of your child or your Pet on the wall of your home; it is actually breath taking, especially when the image portrays the true character of the subject and the detail in the features is life like, so much so, that you feel you could reach out and touch them.

Add to this a beautifully curated collection of images displayed in either an album or a folio box and your memories are with you forever in print.

Family Portrait of couple with daughter, Horse and Dog on Beach

Toddler peering through mothers legs on beach, Family Portrait

Child sitting on Beach with Horse sniffing her hand

Family Portrait of couple with toddler on beach, Horse standing beside them, sunset

Photographs are Forever

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