Late last year we had to make a bittersweet trip to my husband’s hometown in Cumbria, England to say goodbye to his beloved Grandmother. Although this was a sad time, we always love our visits to the UK, it is such a gorgeous part of the world, and though we love New Zealand and are always happy to head home, it is always so incredibly hard to say goodbye.

When we visit, there are always so many people we try and catch up with, and this time one of our close friends had a new family member we just HAD to meet! Being a new fur baby, there was no chance of our catch up with Emma and her gorgeous daughter Emily taking place without me taking my camera to create some images of their dear wee little dachshund Candy.

What I love about the UK is getting the opportunity to work with different clients and scenery, shooting portraits in New Zealand, especially where I live in Central Otago has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, but having the opportunity to capture the English countryside is a real treat.

Just like Central Otago in winter, Cumbria can get pretty cold and icy too, so when I awoke to be greeted by the cold frosty morning it wasn’t going to stop us from venturing out, and it certainly didn’t stop Candy from running us all ragged. I think more time was spent chasing her around trying to catch her than actually creating photos. Emma had to hide behind the tree and hold Candy still while I captured a portrait of her by herself, and thankfully she was small enough for Emily to hold her so I could capture the two of them together, but as soon as she was down she was off again. There definitely were lots of laughs had and we were well deserving of a relaxing drink once we were back home in the warmth.