This editorial shoot is one of my favorite of all times. I know more will follow but I love getting back to this pictures and enjoy their unique summer spirit.

NZ Life & Leisure: Making us Proud to be a Kiwi

I take great pride in my photography. Over the years I haven’t just honed my skills on Animals and Babies but I have developed a reputation for creating stunning photographic images for Lifestyle Magazines, strong and eye catching photography used by Companies and Small Businesses to create stand out Brands. My recent feature in the […]

New Challenges, New Ventures, New Beginnings

Black Cat on black background, showing claws

So here I am, in Otago, New Zealand. I have been photographing Animals and People worldwide for over 25 years; in January we were planning to relocate back to the UK, but things have changed, and there are new challenges, and like many, I have had to rethink the way forward. Before leaving New Zealand […]

THE PERFECT SHOOT – when all the elements align

It is such a treat when all the elements align together for a shoot……wonderful clients, incredible subjects and epic locations and conditions. Rochelle approached me during lockdown to book in a portrait session with their three Border Collies; their international travel plans had been put on hold so they were planning a Road Trip around […]

Creating a Dinosaur Dog

HENASAURUS – turning Henry into a Dinosaur New Zealand is known to have pretty hot summers, which can be quite hard for a Newfoundland with an extra thick woolly coat. So in the summer months I use to get Henry, my beloved Newfie, clipped. It was during one of his grooming sessions that I came […]


Late last year we had to make a bittersweet trip to my husband’s hometown in Cumbria, England to say goodbye to his beloved Grandmother. Although this was a sad time, we always love our visits to the UK, it is such a gorgeous part of the world, and though we love New Zealand and are […]


The Perfect Birthday Gift Late last year I had a phone call from Adam, his wife’s birthday was the next day and he wanted to add to her gift. He had known she was a fan of my work and had been for years, so thought he would give me a call on the off […]

A Wild and Windy time at Bethells Beach

In the 25 years plus that I have been creating Portraits of Dogs, Ash is the first ever Charcoal Labrador I have had the pleasure of photographing, and what a treat it was. Ash and her parents LOVE the beach, so it was the natural choice to head out to one of the most beautiful […]

Puppy Love

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your children’s eyes light up at the sight of a new pet, the excitement and pure joy is heart melting; it is the start of what will likely be a wonderful friendship and bond. I remember my daughter’s eyes welling up with emotion as she opened the box […]