Rachael McKenna with Flash the dog
At the age of 8, after watching her Grandparents develop their own images in their Dark Room, Rachael announced that she was going to be a Photographer!
Growing up with a strong passion for photography and a true love of and natural empathy with animals, it was inevitable that Rachael McKenna (nee Hale) would create a name for herself combining her true passions.
Though it is not only animals that grace the lens for Rachael, they say ‘never work with Animals or Children’ yet these are the two subjects that sit so comfortably in front of Rachael’s camera trusting her to capture their true personalities.
Rachael’s career has spanned more than two decades, working in her homeland New Zealand, along with extended time spent working in Europe and New York. With 19 Books to her name, numerous Editorial and Commercial commissions, plus hundreds of private clients, Rachael’s collection of images is one to aspire to.
Rachael has the unique ability to capture the soul of each subject and immortalize a moment; through patience and a well-trained eye, Rachael is able to tame the rambunctious, enliven the docile, and find symmetry and peace in the most chaotic.

“Every subject provides me with a challenge to peek into their soul and capture their true character”

A behind the scenes look at Rachael working

Over the last 20 years Rachael has produced 19 books, the majority under her maiden name Rachael Hale, which many of you will know her images by, and more recently, over the last 10 years under her married name Rachael Mckenna.
The following books have amassed a huge collection of emotive, quirky and character filled portraits of our favourite animals.
You can now for the first time purchase these prints from Rachael’s sister company Henry & George.

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