Charcoal Labrador sitting on sand dunes, ear flapping in the wind

In the 25 years plus that I have been creating Portraits of Dogs, Ash is the first ever Charcoal Labrador I have had the pleasure of photographing, and what a treat it was.

Ash and her parents LOVE the beach, so it was the natural choice to head out to one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand, Bethells Beach, on the west coast of Auckland City to capture some photographs of Ash. Though the weather was fine it certainly wasn’t calm, the wind was howling and sending sand circling about.

I do love a beach when it is moody! The wind can actually add so many great elements to image creation, though wind and sand is probably the worst combination ever for a camera! It is important to keep your camera sheltered, if possible have someone hold a reflector up blocking your camera from the wind, this will help to shelter the camera from any sand entering the joints of the camera, because believe me, it can get in everywhere!!! And when moving about, keep your camera tucked inside your jacket and stay well clear of water spray, saltwater is definitely not good for a camera!

Ash was a super model, and in between tearing around, doing what dogs love to do best, she posed beautifully; the way the wind caught her ears added the perfect addition to her poses, bringing a slightly more relaxed feeling to the images and creating an image that truly captured Ash’s personality, a combination of regal elegance and playful fun loving cheekiness. Ash’s portrait is now hanging in pride of place in her owner’s home, a timeless art piece that will leave Ash etched in their hearts forever.

If you are keen to have your own wild and windy experience with you and/or your dog, get in touch! I can’t guarantee the wind, but I certainly can guarantee we will have fun!