There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your children’s eyes light up at the sight of a new pet, the excitement and pure joy is heart melting; it is the start of what will likely be a wonderful friendship and bond. I remember my daughter’s eyes welling up with emotion as she opened the box we gave her on her 8th birthday that contained two gorgeous wee eight week old rescue kittens we had adopted from HUHA animal rescue, an incredible animal rescue organization based in Wellington New Zealand. 

Puppies aren’t puppies for long, just like babies they grow so quickly and if you blink you risk missing this stage of their life that is so short but so incredibly cute and memorable. The arrival of a new Pet is the perfect time to schedule a Portrait Session, create updated images of your children and capture a bond and moment in time cemented for eternity. 

Kobe, an adorable 8 week old French Bull Dog puppy is the new addition to the Hudson Family. We had already discussed creating some images of the three girls, but when I heard of the new family members arrival, I suggested we wait to do the photography so we could include the puppy; each girl had a turn with Kobe while I created images that I know they will treasure for a lifetime. 

There is no turning back time, if you are wanting your new pet captured at the start of their life with you, then it is something you need to organize prior to your new pet’s arrival. 

Like the Hudson’s, take the opportunity to include the rest of the family and have images created that will be treasured memories of the start of your life with your new best friend. 

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